Luton-born artist Lhouette unveils his new limited edition ultra pop print run ‘Strike Opposed’ this week. His visually arresting and anarchic artworks have been attracting attention worldwide.


Lhouette’s rise has been nothing short of phenomenal since he first began to explore the world of visual art: he has exhibited at the Houses of Parliament, signed a management deal with Outside Organisation (who have represented the likes of David Bowie, Spice Girls, The Who and Blondie) and earlier this year was hand-picked by Damien Hirst and Sir Peter Blake to exhibit his Post Urban Glamour collection at one of London’s foremost art venues, 45 Park Lane.


Lhouette’s designs have even caught the eye of the Hollywood elite – Antonio Banderas recently snapped up the Mach 5 creation from the new Lhouette Beyond collection. Other famous fans include the Khayami Family, Ronan and Storm Keating and Formula One engineering genius Adrain Newey OBE.


Following the success of the limited edition boutique collection Emergency Credit in the new studio, Lhouette has now released the second phase of the Beyond collection – with his ultra pop ‘Strike Opposed’ limited edition boutique collection. The low numbered collection consists of 20 prints and 5 artists proofs which are made from heavily collaged multi layered paper, aerosol embellishment and finished with lacquer and diamond dust. The prints are floated on double thick polar white mount board. Set in a deep black matte box tray with inner white skirting frame, glazed with UV protected museum art glass.


Lhouette comments on releasing ‘‘Like a Virgin’ in time for Christmas Ive always considered Madonna to be a major symbol and I am often drawn back to her when I consider the quintessence of pop over the last 30 years. with her image used many times in many different ways Lhouette chose to generate a new spin on this iconic figure and the well known saying “strike a pose” – placing her in front of a contrasting environment, a police line up wall and making her ‘opposed’, and adorning her heavily in abstracted pop imagery.


Lhouette’s distinctive artwork is built around a series of juxtapositions – with trademark fusions of urban street art and pop culture iconography. Lhouette first drew inspiration from East London’s street art scene, appreciating the culture as a self-taught art form. Elements and references to Lhouette’s childhood and travels can be seen in the new collection with the use of bold images intertwined with everyday images and symbols such as the use of cartoon characters and the ‘Happy Shopper’ motif. The striking binary between the old and new and the raw and the refined, is the major juxtaposition inherent to Lhouette’s work.


Lhouette said of the new collection: My techniques originate from self-taught graphic design & stencil practices. I have tried to retain that essence as Ive developed the Lhouette Beyond collection and Im extremely proud to announce the next print edition entitled ‘Strike Opposed’ as well as continuing the excitement for the continued Beyond collection in the new year. The reaction we have already had to the new work throughout the past few months have been fantastic and I look forward to further exciting projects we have coming up in the not so distant future.


With Lhouette showcasing some of his best work in the new collection, it is without doubt that the young Luton native has become one of the most exciting figures on today’s art scene – whose potential knows no limits.




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