We recognise that social media is a hugely influential and powerful tool in modern media. By working with the PR teams at Outside, we can deliver effective 360 degree services that include content creation and blogger collaborations. Using the teams knowledge of social media, trends and influencers, Outside are laying the path for future partnerships between traditional and digital media which will enable our clients to reach audiences, old and new, across the world.


By collaborating closely with the team involved in the Rattle That Lock Tour, Outside projected David Gilmour’s social media channels to a new audience as well as a faithful one. By creating imagery, video and posting tour material, fans were able to experience the shows like never before with backstage access, shared fan images and exclusive content created and posted live as it happened. Following the success of the Rattle That Lock tour, Outside’s PR and social team still continue to grow David Gilmour’s print coverage and social media presence and engaging with fans and journalists like never before. Since working on the account, David Gilmour’s social media channels have grown by 125k followers in 5 months and continue to grow daily. 


Releases such as Music Complete and Complete Music have enabled Outside to collaborate with New Order and grow their social media platforms by over 30k followers. With regular updates on the group’s activities from the PR and social media team, fans old and new have had the opportunity to engage with New Order and even have their own images shared on channels such as Instagram and Twitter. Live performance imagery has also been captured by the social media team and used as content which has proven very popular with fans and the band themselves.


Festivals are the perfect opportunity to collaborate with bloggers and social media influencers. By inviting these online stars as well as traditional press to various shows over the BST calendar, the social media team were able to build on #BSThydepark’s social footprint. With backstage access to some acts and unique content, the bloggers who attended in turn created original blogs, vlogs and social media posts which documented and celebrated their time at BST.


Tone of voice and knowledge has been extremely important when delivering messages for Vigore UK via traditional and digital media. By creating monthly plans and unique content, the social team have been able to maintain professional and uniform posts that appeal to Vigore’s target audience and also encourage engagement and new customers. Paid ads for Facebook have also been key to spreading the message of Vigore and their work with ambassadors and has grown the channels’ likes by over 500 in just a few months.


Collaborating with the Rock-Opera Gutterdammerung, has been extremely ground-breaking when working with traditional media and the brand’s social channels. Through promoting the up-and-coming tour, new activities have been created to expand on the excitement of this unique underground project and grow it’s following too. One successful campaign recently completed was purely promoted over Halloween via social media with followers given clues to find some hidden AAA passes for the new tour. These were hidden in Coffin’s, buried in famous ‘Horror’ landmarks in cities such as Munich, London, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin. All coffins were swiftly found by faithful followers of Gutterdammerung and they all shared their journey on the brand’s social media channels as well as their own.


Inspired by the everyday events in the news, Outside created and posted ‘Tongue-in-Cheek’ content that was relevant and in the style that The Sun readers are drawn to. Collaborating with the in-house team of video and image editors, the Outside management and social media teams would regularly brain storm ideas, stories and then create effective content in a timely manner that contributed to growing The Sun’s Instagram channel by 30k.

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