Seven Decades ‘The Story Of Three Guitars That Changed The World’

Seven Decades ‘The Story Of Three Guitars That Changed The World’



Seven Decades 'The Story Of Three Guitars That Changed The World'

Guitar fanatics started 2019 with an exciting weekend at an iconic setting with Seven Decades shows running from 11th-13th January at The V&A Museum.

The one weekend only limited run consisted of five sold-out shows, which included two matinee performances, and three evening shows. All performances ended with standing ovations from the audience.

The first performance on the evening of 11th January, was a unique extended performance, and included an exclusive panel discussion on the electric guitar’s enduring impact on popular culture.

The panel featured Bill Curbishley manager of The Who, Brix Smith Start lead guitarist and song-writer in The Fall and lead vocalist and guitarist in her band Brix And The Extricated, Johnny Borrell guitarist and vocalist of Razorlight and Kevin Brennan MP the Shadow Minister for Heritage & Arts and guitarist for parliamentary band MP4. Will Hodgkinson, author of Guitar Man and chief rock and pop critic at The Times newspaper, hosted the panel.

Discussing with Will Hodgkinson in front of a live audience, the panel shared anecdotes from the stage and wisdom and tips for budding guitarists. Johnny Borrell talked about writing his first song when grounded in his brothers bedroom, Kevin Brennan MP took a break from on-going Brexit drama to talk about how Conservatives love heavy metal, Brix spoke about how the guitar empowers and Bill Curbishley spoke about replacing Pete Towsnhend’s guitars.

‘You don’t have to be technically proficient to start… there’s loads of people that are technically really good (at guitar) they tend to work in guitar shops!’ Johnny Borrell

‘The first guitar I ever bought… it was a Gibson that Pete Townshend hit the monitor man over the head with and then smashed – I had to replace that for the next show!”Bill Curbishley

‘I play in a cross party band with a Tory drummer, an SNP keyboard player and a labour bass player and a labour guitarist and singer, but funnily enough most Tories seem to be into heavy metal!’ Kevin Brennan MP

‘The guitar is a way to express myself and infect peoples minds, standing up there and holding a guitar is like holding a lightning bolt throwing machine whoooooosh’ Brix Smith-Start

Looking back on the performances creator Phillip Hylander commented:
‘Thank you to the 1,700 + of you who came out on the weekend to support our show at the V&A museum. We had such an incredible time playing to five brilliant audiences and truly appreciated five consecutive standing ovations! Seven Decades is planning a major theatrical release soon, watch this space.’

Watch the panel footage here:

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