Seven Decades ‘The Story Of Three Guitars That Changed The World’ First night sold out! Matinee shows added!

Seven Decades ‘The Story Of Three Guitars That Changed The World’ First night sold out! Matinee shows added!



Seven Decades 'The Story Of Three Guitars That Changed The World' First night sold out! Matinee shows added!

Seven Decades have added two matinee shows to their upcoming January run at The V&A after their opening night has sold out.

Tickets are available now via the V&A website

Last week Seven Decades unveiled the special guests for their opening night panel at the V&A on 11th January. This evening will be a unique extended performance, and will include an exclusive discussion on the electric guitar’s enduring impact on popular culture in general and music in particular.

The panel on the 11th will feature Bill Curbishley manager of The Who, Brix Smith Start lead guitarist and song-writer in The Fall and lead vocalist and guitarist in her band Brix And The Extricated, Johnny Borrell guitarist and vocalist of Razorlight and Kevin Brennan MP the Shadow Minister for Heritage & Arts and guitarist for parliamentary band MP4. Will Hodgkinson, author of Guitar Man and chief rock and pop critic at The Times newspaper, will host the panel.

Seven Decades also unveiled further details about the show itself, which has been specially adapted for the V&A. The spirit of a live performed documentary remains at the show’s core with a number of important creative developments that will be debuted at these performances.

Now set in a vintage recording studio specially constructed for these shows, the musicians and technicians will already be on stage when the audience arrives.  A screen integral to the set represents a window into a virtual control room from which the story will be delivered by the character of a sound engineer whose appearance subtly changes as the decades progress.

The musicians will rehearse informally before ‘curtain up’ at which stage they will commence their full exploration of seven decades of guitar music history featuring legendary music from James Burton and Jimi Hendrix to the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Rage Against the Machine.

These changes have been introduced to create greater intimacy and excitement for the audience by bringing them closer to these great musicians and wonderful instruments and to better evoke the historical eras that the show represents.

London based actor Alex Walton stars as the narrator taking a sound engineer’s role for these V&A shows. He has worked extensively in TV and theatre.

Watch the trailer here:
Dates as follows:
Friday 11th January at 19:00
*V&A Members priority booking for special event with panel hosted by Will Hodgkinson and special guests Johnny Borell, Bill Curbishley, Brix Smith Start and Kevin Brennan MP. * SOLD OUT *

Saturday 12th January matinee show at 15:00  *JUST ADDED *
Saturday 12th January evening show at 19:00
Sunday 13th January matinee show at 15:00  *JUST ADDED *
Sunday 13th January evening show at 19:00

Tickets available:

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