Samantha Johnson hosts Kick It Out’s Raise Your Game Series

Samantha Johnson hosts Kick It Out’s Raise Your Game Series



SAMANTHA JOHNSON hosts Kick It Out’s Raise Your Game Series

SAMANTHA Johnson is a well known broadcaster who’s TV career has gone from strength to strength. She’s currently working as an anchor and correspondent on Beyond the Game for TRT World (an international English-language multimedia news organisation based in Istanbul).


Samantha has been announced as a host of the upcoming Raise Your Game national conference at the Emirates Stadium on 16th April 2018.


She is a journalist and mentor with both creative skills and experience in production.

In the past year, she has produced a series of self-sourced, groundbreaking and innovative pieces on a variety of topics, from shining a light on depression in football, Irish sport and racism to securing exclusive interviews. One such interview, for example, with Premier League manager, Claudio Ranieri, has had over 1 million views online and received worldwide coverage on CNN, Fox Sports, MailOnline, The Telegraph and The Guardian.


Samantha is a tremendous ambassador for women working in sports broadcast and was named in the 2016 Football Black List – a list that recognises and celebrates influential figures in football – and featured in the 2014 PowerList  “Top 20 list of Britain’s Most Influential people Under 40” for her achievements in the media.   The Kick It Out ‘Raise Your Game’ is a free mentoring event, supported by the Premier League and will see hundreds of individuals aspiring for a career in the football industry provided with the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge from professionals across several aspects of the game.   The Raise Your Game series is Kick It Out’s unique programme, which helps provide opportunities for people who aspire to work within the football industry.   Samantha will join the likes of Manish Bhasin, Reshmin Chowdhury, Max Rushden and Clarke Carlisle in hosting the national conference on behalf of football’s equality and inclusion organisation.   Samantha has a compelling life story as a young single woman who uprooted from the UK to Istanbul, a city undergoing political upheaval, and has made a great life for herself there. With good looks, versatility and the likeability factor – Samantha’s career is going from strength to strength and therefore wants to help others to do the same.


Samantha is a highly regarded journalist with a conscience, helping young people through mentoring and public speaking and highlighting injustices, and campaigning with focus on race and gender issues. Samantha is a huge believer in giving back and inspiring the next generation. Because of her knowledge and experience in her field she has chaired, mentored and featured on panels at the Houses of Commons, Wembley Stadium and The Etihad, as well as countless Universities and schools throughout the UK.   Samantha said: “I have long admired Kick It Out’s efforts on many fronts within the game. Helping to create opportunities and career pathways for people who aspire to work within the football industry is another important tranche of their work that I’m proud to support by hosting this year’s Raise Your Game conference.”

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