Maya Delilah Shares Soulful New Single ‘i’m just stupid’

Maya Delilah Shares Soulful New Single ‘i’m just stupid’

Maya Delilah Shares Soulful New Single ‘i’m just stupid’

Next up from Maya Delilah is ‘i’m just stupid’, the fourth track taken from her upcoming debut EP. The soulful single is out everywhere now.

Maya’s smooth vocals are all over this track, floating above playful guitar melodies and accompanied by breezy harmonies, telling a story we all know too well: of an overthinking brain faced with a potential new relationship. Maya’s style is full of quirks you can’t help but love, with ‘i’m just stupid’ equal parts groovy and chilled, she brings a sunny vibe to what is, often, an annoying situation.

“It’s about that feeling of being fooled into thinking you are somebody’s ‘special someone’ when they are really just stringing you along… That going back-and-forth feeling in your head – do I really like them? Do they really like me? Am I being played? AM I JUST BEING STUPID??”, Maya explains. “I thought I’d write about it to get it out of my head and onto paper, but also to show others that they are not crazy to think these things, as, come on, we all do it…”

Maya’s lyrics aren’t the only story-telling element here, as the song effortlessly glides into an immersive guitar solo that picks up her feelings where the lyrics left off. Maya is known for her excellent guitar skills and is massively passionate about encouraging girls to take up the instrument, wanting to combat the male-stereotypes surrounding it.

‘i’m just stupid’ follows the release of ‘Safe’, Maya’s charity track that showed how the current pandemic is allowing us to feel more connected. All proceeds for ‘Safe’ are going to University College London Hospitals.

Also on the EP are, ‘Tangerine Dream’, ‘Gato’ and ‘U R U’, with a combined 685K streams, fans are already eating up each new song Maya makes for them. The EP is due for release at the end of June and is the perfect introduction to Maya’s world – a soul/RnB inspired record with pop twists, making an emotional but upbeat summer soundtrack.

Having just turned twenty, Maya is not only a guitar expert, but also writes songs of her own drawing inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Daniel Caesar, D’Angelo, Tyler the Creator and Vulfpeck. With two EPs in the works, the first due for release this summer, Maya’s sound is a mix of RNB and soul with pop influences, and is inspired by the simple things around her, such as cats, friends and boys. Her debut EP, coming in June, is the perfect introduction to Maya, showcasing her stand-out unique guitar harmonies, some upbeat melodies, and a few pop twists. Maya wants to show that women can be extraordinary on guitar, combat the stereotype of it being ‘a male instrument’, and inspire young girls to pursue music.

Maya has a fantastic online presence and dedicated following. To encourage others to start their musical journeys, Maya regularly gives guitar tutorials. She has a YouTube series called ‘Table Time’, enabling her to reach a wider audience and spread her love of the guitar to more people.

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