Maya Delilah Presents Heart-Warming Track ‘Safe’

Maya Delilah Presents Heart-Warming Track ‘Safe’

Maya Delilah Presents Heart-Warming Track ‘Safe’

The feel-good sound of lockdown, ‘Safe’ is the heart-warming and pertinent track from Maya DelilahWatch the video here.

Written near the beginning of the pandemic in the UK, ‘Safe’ was the product of some disruption in Maya’s life. After her sister isolated herself, Maya found herself moving in with a friend and discovering that, despite the upheaval, she’d found another place she felt truly safe. 

Song lyrics can often take a little more time for Maya to get right, but with ‘Safe’ this wasn’t the case. In twenty minutes, Maya and her producer, Stephen Barnes (Loic Nottet, Thomas Headon) had put the song together; it had felt so natural and, given the current circumstances, they wanted to share it as soon as they could.

‘Safe’ is also a massive thank you to the front-line workers, who are tirelessly continuing to serve during the Covid-19 pandemic. A family friend of Maya works high-up within the NHS, bringing it closer to home just how important they are: “I wrote ‘Safe’ as a huge dedication to the NHS and all front liners across the world right now.”, Maya explains.“ I really just want to say thank you to them – we are able to be safe with our loved ones whilst they risk their lives to help those in need.”

Proceeds from the song will be going to the UCLH Charity.

It only felt right to Maya that her audience be a part of the song, and through the power of social media she got clips from family, friends and fans around the world demonstrating where they felt safe, and who they felt safe with. Since then, Maya’s had more requests from people wanting to share the message of the video, and film their own versions. 

Maya adds, “It was actually a lot of fun getting friends and fans involved, especially as people from all over the world wanted to be a part of it, so it became a very special thing to see the final video. It’s very lovely and wholesome to see other people making their own versions too, the more the merrier.

This involvement shows how, in some ways, the pandemic is allowing us to feel more connected. There are new ways to spread love, joy and positivity and, although we may be physically apart, we are all united in the same cause: we want to keep each other safe.

Artwork is drawn by Maya herself, featuring the Greek Goddess of Safety, Soteria.

Now nineteen, Maya is not only a guitar expert, but also writes songs of her own, drawing inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Daniel Caesar, D’Angelo, Tyler the Creator and Vulfpeck. With two EPs in the works, the first due for release this summer, Maya’s sound is a mix of RNB and soul with pop influences, and is inspired by the simple things around her, such as cats, friends and boys. Her debut EP, coming in June, is the perfect introduction to Maya, showcasing her stand-out unique guitar harmonies, some upbeat melodies, and a few pop twists. Maya wants to show that girls can be extraordinary on guitar, combat the stereotype of it being ‘a male instrument’, and inspire young girls to pursue music.

Maya has a fantastic online presence and dedicated following. To encourage others, in particular other girls, to start their music journeys, Maya regularly gives guitar tutorials. She has a YouTube series called ‘Table Time’, enabling her to reach a wider audience and spread her love of the guitar to more people.


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