Emin announces new single ‘Got Me Good’  With Controversial Trump Influenced video

Emin announces new single ‘Got Me Good’ With Controversial Trump Influenced video



Emin announces new single ‘Got Me Good’ With Controversial Trump Influenced video

Russian pop star Emin Agalarov has unveiled his new single ‘Got Me Good’ with a sensational video that has already been causing a stir globally.


The video which features lookalikes for Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Hilary Clinton, Stormy Daniels, Mark Zuckerberg, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner is a satire on the news of the past 12 months. It features the US President cavorting with Miss Universe contestants, playing poker with Hilary and exchanging briefcases of classified information with the Russian pop star whilst a pleased Kim Jong un watches with glee scoffing popcorn.


The tongue in cheek video was directed by London based Australian filmmaker Brett Sullivan who gives some insight into his ideas:

“It’s getting harder to tell fact from fiction. We have to dig deep to find reliable sources in a world where perceptions – whether true or false – quickly become ‘reality’. It is these ideas in the current global political landscape that we explore in satirical fashion in Emin’s ‘Got Me Good’.  Maybe we are all being ‘played’? Including Emin. Collusion seems circular between our cast of characters who are all out for themselves – yet don’t mind hanging out for a drink every now and then. ‘Does the truth even matter anymore?’ I certainly hope so. ‘Got Me Good’ seems the perfect title for our times. Enjoy with a wry smile.”  – Brett Sullivan (video director)


Emin chipped in: “Everything that I’ve been watching in the news in the past year has been so unbelievable, that we decided to do a video that questions some of the things that I’ve been accused of organising or being a part of.   It was all so far from the truth that we decided to put a little smile on everyone’s face with our take on ‘reality’.  I hope people take the video in the spirit in which it is intended.  Music is about fun, but pop music can be about satire and commentary, so I decided to have some fun mixing the two!


The single “Got Me Good” is a reference to this media savvy age where everyone is constantly under fire and accused of being “caught” doing something they haven’t, the constant untruths and blurring of reality which seem to be part and parcel of the digital age inspired the title as well as the incendiary video.


Donald Trump himself previously appeared in Emin’s video for ‘Another Life’ back in 2013, with that year’s Miss Universe contestants.
‘Got Me Good’ is the first single to be taken from Emin’s soon to be released, as yet untitled album.
Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cs4tKdiiI4


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