An Evening With Eric Cantona

An Evening With Eric Cantona

An Evening With Eric Cantona

One of the most influential footballers of all time takes to the stage in October for a handful of selected UK dates.

From October 24th to November 2nd Eric Cantona plays ten dates only in London, Nottingham, Birmingham , Nottingham, Belfast, Dublin and Salford.

Eric Cantona is known not just for his skilful footwork and adept acting skills but also his timely utterances. He always has something to say – and he never disappoints.

Indeed, his reputation for the enigmatic bon mot has merely added to the lustre of the man that Manchester United supporters still call The King. (They even have their own Cantona song to regale him with whenever he visits the ground – and still regularly sing it when he doesn’t.)

To expect the evening to revolve round football and the inside stories from the clubs he’s played for will be par for the course.  Eric will discuss his favourite players and why, the reason he retired at the peak of his career and what it was about Manchester that he loved. He’ll talk about what it was like making the Ken Loach movie, Looking For Eric.

But Eric Cantona promises to deliver much more. He’ll spill the beans (he’s just not sure yet which ones) and then some. As the man himself says:

“I am really looking forward to coming to the UK to talk onstage. I have lots of stories to tell about my days at the greatest club of all, my beloved Manchester United with the best fans in the world.


You can expect a look back at my United career with a replaying of a few of my goals on the big screen and I’ll be sharing what they meant to me at the time.


I’ve also got a lot to say about my favorite manager Sir Alex and the five years we spent together, hard to believe it’s over 20 years ago.”

Generally considered to be Sir Alex Ferguson’s master signing, Eric Cantona is thought to be the missing link that transformed Manchester United into the best team of the premier league to date. He became the most popular United player of all time .

Many of his old football friends are expected to attend the shows – and Cantona says he can’t wait.


I hope to see many of my old friends while I’m there. And one thing I promise, every night will be a bit different – even I don’t know exactly what I will say.  It’s going to be fun.” 


It took five years for promoters A1 Sporting Speakers to persuade Eric to do some shows in February 2017. But now the star says he feels the time is right to return because he enjoyed last year so much.


Promoter Terry Baker of A1 explains “We tried to get Eric to do this for years and we were absolutely thrilled when he finally agreed last year. His career has been truly remarkable and we’re delighted to be able to bring him back to Britain this year and give fans the opportunity to spend time with the man himself. It will be a unique insight into one of the greatest players the game has ever known.”


With every performance taking the form of an hour’s informal interview each date promises to be informative, revealing and compellingly original – a must for football fans everywhere.


Tickets are available at various prices and on sale from all venues, details and standard ticket prices are as follows. (All tickets subject to admin fee.)


For all shows there is also a special VIP ticket available for £200 (giving a seat in the front few rows and the chance to have a photo with Eric) and a few very special VVIP experiences for £500. (Providing a front row seat, a champagne reception with Eric and a large professionally taken photo with him, signed and framed.)

 VIP and VVIP tickets are available from and 07973 387294

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