We offer a full range of services to handle or generate publicity for broadcasters, for ongoing series or for individual programmes. Our involvement can take the form of assuming the entire press office function as we did with Channel 5, providing aftercare for participants in reality TV shows or adroitly handling the campaigns for individual shows.
We have had a long association with the all-consuming and often challenging Big Brother series, looking after all publicity for a number of years, in addition to handling niche channels and programme commission announcements. With senior members of our staff from a broadcast publicity background, we have all the expertise and experience needed to handle any situation.


We represented Channel 5 for close to five years, managing both the corporate and consumer PR for the channel. We were a key part of the communications around the aqusition of the channel by Northern and Shell and after a restructure by the new owners we provided a full service press office. This team were based at the channel itself and delivered integrated PR campaigns around Channel 5’s programming to great effect. The channel faced a perception challenge initially but through close work with both the media and programme teams this perception was shifted to one that was far more positive. Finally, we handled the communications around the sale of the Channel, which achieved a profit of £359 million for Northern and Shell.

Big Brother

For a decade we have handled press activities for Big Brother, basing a team alongside the studio in Elstree to give the best on-the-spot coverage and be ready to act swiftly when any issues arise. We continue to provide aftercare for the evicted housemates in the (non-celebrity) Big Brother series. Our representative is there from the moment of eviction to brief and discuss how they have been portrayed by the media, and then plot out how they want their profile to develop, spending the next fortnight proactively handling press activities and also future management needs.

Forces TV 

The digital TV service for the Armed Forces had never used any PR support, but as it entered a new era with its inclusion in Barb TV audience ratings, it sought a push campaign. We identified key shows as priorities to build awareness, using news stories to drive national and regional print, as well as online, TV and radio coverage. They included a documentary about training for the Parachute Regiment and a programme following a Marine as he recovered from horrific injuries and went on to compete at the Invictus Games.